Who’s this Jeremy character?

I’m a lover of dogs, my fiance, my friends, working out, thoughtful conversation, reading, dancing and many other things.

I also love to hear your thoughts and feedback about everything I say, write and do.

What’s the deal with Value, Improvement and Curiosity?

I find it that adding value to other people’s lives is a worthwhile and noble pursuit.

Existing as a member of a deeply flawed human species, I find that constant improvement is paramount.

I am curious about so many things.

I write here on VIC because I can. There was a time that it was impossible to engage in thoughtful dialogue with those outside of your immediate vicinity. The internet and technology have changed that. With the click of a button, we are all capable of sharing our innermost thoughts and feelings with a wider audience. I write here to take advantage of this opportunity and to encourage you to do the same. I value your perspectives!

Thanks & Love!